Multiple universities affected by disruption of exams

Students in several universities have faced difficulties in taking exams this morning due to a software failure.

According to test software vendor TestVision, the failure was in the Proctorio digital surveillance tool. The tool responded slowly, leaving โ€œall TestVision slow or unavailableโ€ between 09:00 and 10:00, writes the company on Twitter.

Student organisation ISO received reports from students from, among others, the University of Amsterdam, Maastricht University and Leiden University.

โ€œ We are not happy with how institutions have handled this,โ€ says ISO President Dahran Coban. โ€œWe received reports from exams that were declared invalid or initially postponed, after which students received an email that they could make it. There is even a student who was thrown out of the exam after an hour and a half.โ€

The UvA confirms the national malfunction, but still finds out exactly how large the malfunction was and how many students were affected. At the end of October the UvA was also affected by a malfunction. Then a line went through the online exams of about 3000 students.