Municipalities can allocate half homes to their own residents

The cabinet wants municipalities to be able to allocate half of all housing and rental properties to people who already live within the municipality. They must also be able to give priority to people with a crucial profession, such as teachers and nurses. A legislative change that should make that possible was sent to the House of Representatives today.

Minister De Jonge points out that starters often cannot find affordable housing in their own place of residence โ€œbecause prices are skyrocketing because there is substantial overbidding. Often by people from outside the region. Seniors also cannot find a suitable apartment in their own municipality if they want to move on.โ€

He believes it is important โ€œfor the quality of life and vitality of the regionโ€ that people can stay in their place of residence. According to him, municipalities are getting a better grip on this due to the revision of this law.

Rental properties

The current housing law already gives municipalities the opportunity to allocate half of the rental properties to people with an economic or social connection. Of that half, a quarter can be reserved for its own residents. That is now 50 percent.

It is planned that the new law will enter into force next year.