Municipality of Breda does not permit 538 Oranjedag

The municipality of Breda does not permit the event 538 Oranjedag that would take place on Saturday in the city. 10,000 people would be admitted to the festival as part of the Fieldlab test events.

Mayor of Breda Paul Depla says that the festival can‘t go on because security was at stake. โ€œThe police are getting more and more signals that the 538 Orange Day will attract supporters and opponents of the coronation policy and the Fieldlabs with all the security risks involved. As mayor, I stand for the safety of the police officers, local residents and visitors of the event. I regret it, but on the basis of this information I cannot but grant a licence for 538 Orange Day on 24 April at the Chassรฉveld.โ€

Did you have a ticket for the 538 Oranjeffeest or the festival in Lichtenvoorde? Share your contact details with our reporter Daniรซl van Dam by emailing daniel.van.dam [at]

Radio 538 is working on an alternative, people who have bought tickets get the money back.

โ€œ With ‘538 Oranjedag‘, 538 wanted to contribute as a FieldLab event to the organisation of safe and responsible events in the future. Together with the 538 DJs and artists, we will do everything we can to bring the feeling of King’s Day to 17 million people at home on April 27. Because King‘s Day = 538โ€, says Coco Hermans, the Radio Director 538.

Hospital relieved

At the FieldLab experiment of the music station on 24 April 10,000 people would be present. Initiators of a petition had no understanding whatsoever. โ€œCelebrating a party with 10,000 men four hundred metres from a hospital overloaded by Covid is a blow to the face of patients and caregivers,โ€ they write.

Amphia Hospital in Breda is relieved. A spokesman says that the healthcare professionals have responded happily to the news. There was supposed to be 10,000 people coming to Breda for the festival.

The employees of the hospital consider it a โ€œwise decision.โ€ โ€œMany employees looked up to the possible extra care that would come through the festival,โ€ said the spokesman.

The petition of surgeon Rogier Crolla against the event was signed almost 370,000 times. Hospital spokesman says Crolla didn’t expect this. โ€œIt shows that this is still sensitive.โ€

Crolla responded to Twitter happily to the cancellation of the festival. โ€œWe have all shown that common sense can prevail! All those who supported this and spread further thanked them very, very much.โ€

In Breda, the concerns were already big about the upcoming party. Text continues underneath the video.

Fieldlab understands the decision. โ€œWe respect the decision. Certainly when public order and security are at risk, we are the last to hold on to it.โ€

Minister Ferd Grapperhaus (Security) calls the decree โ€œsensibleโ€. Public order was under pressure after various sounds of protests. The Cabinet is still behind the experiment. โ€œBut it is good not to take the test now, at this stage,โ€ he says at the end of the Security Council.

Lichtenvoorde festival also postponed

The Startschotgala, a festival in Lichtenvoorde, which would take place in a little less than two weeks, is not going on. It is expected that 10,000 celebrities would arrive at the Achterhoek test event. After the fuss around the 538 Orange Festival, the organisation has decided to postpone the party planned on 1 May.

GGD: 10,000 people were also very much

A Fieldlab event with 10,000 people in the coronafase in which we are now sitting is a lot, says chairman Andrรฉ Rouvoet of GGD GHOR Monday. โ€œWe had serious medical concerns about the event in Breda,โ€ says Rouvoet.