Municipality of Den Bosch after unrest: police are allowed to search for preventive

The situation on the streets of Den Bosch – and in particular the Graafsewijk – in Den Bosch – is still โ€œbroodingโ€, says the police. The turmoil has led to the police being given more powers. For example, preventive searches may be carried out, the municipality has informed us.

In Den Bosch, safety risk areas have been identified in the east of the city. These include the Stadionlaan, the Graafseweg and the surroundings of the Victorialaan. The measure has been in force since 10 p.m. and runs until 5 p.m. 2 January 2021. The clue gives the police the opportunity to pre-search and check vehicles. Access roads to this area are also checked.

Mayor Jack Mikkers: โ€œIt is unacceptable how these people misbehave and cause unrest, nuisance and destruction. Aggression and violence against emergency services we will not tolerate, and we will tackle. Dear people, do you realize that this behavior really does not fit into our society? Never, but certainly not in this coronacrisis!โ€

Its been restless all day in Den Bosch. Earlier in the evening, agents there were coping with fireworks by a group of โ€œseveral dozenโ€ people. It would be mainly about young people.

Also, a car was set on fire and there were shocks. The Mobile Unit (ME) was deployed so that the fire brigade could put out the car fire safely. The car no longer burns, but whether it has been extinguished or burned out, a police spokesperson could not say.