Mural ‘Banksy’ surfaced at abandoned British prison: ‘Brilliant art’

On the wall of an old prison in Reading, UK, a mural has appeared that is very reminiscent of the work of graffiti artist Banksy. Street art is not yet โ€œclaimedโ€. The conscious building in the south of England has been engaged in a discussion about its destination for a long time: supporters like to see an art centre emerge.

Earlier a mural by the mysterious artist Banksy appeared in Bristol, British. That work of art shows an elderly woman sneezing in a handkerchief while her dentures fly out.

Now it‘s a prisoner who tries to escape with buttoned bedsheets by scrambling down. At the bottom of the improvised rope dangles a typewriter. It may be a reference to Oscar Wilde (1854-1900), a writer and poet of Irish descent who got stuck in England after a relationship with a man.

The work on the former prison was made at night, reports the BBC. No one has officially reported for the – illegal – graffiti drawing, but all fingers are already pointing to Banksy. โ€œI believe this should be one of Banksy’s best street works, it is both humorous and politically moving. A brilliant work of art,โ€ says Vince John, an art salesman from Bristol.

Groups of people have taken wrist height in Reading and gather at work, can be seen on images from British media. On the site there may be new homes, but that encounters resistance from creative people who want to turn it into a place for art. The property has been for sale since 2019.

Who Banksy is is still a mystery. It is known that he is from Bristol. With his work he criticizes society. Often his artistic expressions appear in places where something is going on, usually in the form of a mural.