Murder of 11-year-old boy shocks Morocco

In Morocco, the body of a boy who has been missing since Monday was found last night. He appears to have been raped and murdered. The case has been big news in the country for days, also because the police were able to quickly distribute video footage showing the boy in the company of the suspected perpetrator.

The 11 year old Adnane Bouchouf left his parents’ house in Tangier on Monday to get a medicine from a pharmacy. He did not return.

A day later, the police received footage from a surveillance camera. It shows that a man enters into a conversation with the boy and disappears from view together with him.

The images put the police on the trail of a 24-year-old man. He was arrested yesterday. He admitted that he had taken the boy to his flat and that he had raped and murdered him. He also pointed out to the police the place in a garden where he had buried him.


Three of the suspect’s housemates were arrested this morning. The police are investigating why they did not report him, after a photograph of the suspect distributed by the police had been seen everywhere. They risk imprisonment for between two months and four years.

The prime suspect can expect the death penalty, which in Morocco is the punishment for kidnapping a minor resulting in death.

Death sentences have not been carried out for years. In practice, death sentences result in life sentences.