Murder of Jewish woman not punished because unsub was psychotic after smoking

French Jews are worried. That the murderer of the Jewish Sarah Halimi is not tried because he was psychotic in his act, it feels to them like trivializing anti-Semitism.

On Sunday, the Trocadéro in Paris flooded with 20,000 protesters who disagree with this decision of the Supreme Court.

‘Smoking harms the health of Jews’, you can read on a banner. Or, Bob Marley smoked 50 joints a day, but never killed anyone. Clearly, the demonstrators on the Eiffel Tower platform do not agree that Kobili Traoré is not being prosecuted because he was insane during the murder of Halimi. He got completely out of himself after he smoked a lot. According to French law, the cause of psychosis does not matter: the offender does not have to answer to the court.

‘Allahu Akbar’

The murder of the 65-year-old, in April 2017, received a lot of attention before. It took a long time for the prosecution to call the act anti-Semitic. While the perpetrator, who loudly shouted ‘Allahu Akbar’, called her ‘the devil, ‘and had a special target for the Jewish woman. Now there is a lack of understanding about the qualification Jew hatred in combination with the fact that he did not control himself. Then why didn‘t the Malian attack someone random?

Paul Giberstaijn is at the Trocadéro to feel abandoned. When in 1990, we received support from all over the country in a Jewish cemetery by neo-Nazis in Carpentras. This murder is an example of ‘new anti-Semitism. Traoré is a radical Muslim, but naming that is taboo.