Murder on Eridanos add-on for The Outer Worlds will soon be out on Switch

The creators of The Outer Worlds said that Murder on Eridanos will be coming to Nintendo Switch soon โ€” this will happen on September 8. This is the second DLC for the RPG, in which the protagonist needs to investigate the mysterious murder of actress Elena Alkyonsky that happened on the planet Eridan. The quest will appear after the player opens the landing pad in Star Cove.

In addition to the story, the expansion will include new characters, skills, weapons, and increase the leveling level to 36. The extension price for Switch users will be $15 (approximately 1090 rubles).

By the way, a sequel is already being created for the game, which was announced a couple of months ago. More on Gamemania Twitch Protests Hit Broadcast Viewing Revealed Age of Empires IV Recommended System Requirements Revealed Release Racing Trailer simulcast WRC 10.