Museum removes artwork that ranks women “from most beautiful to ugliest”

A museum in Shanghai, China, has apologized for placing a work of art that ranked women from the most beautiful to ugliest. That‘s what the BBC reports.

The video installation ‘Uglier and Ugly‘ by the artist Song Ta shows the photos of 5,000 women walking around a university campus, arranged by how attractive the man found them.

Song made the artwork in 2013, and has already been exhibited in several shows and museums. In his accompanying introduction, he explains that the most attractive women appear early in the seven-hour video, and the ugliest ones at the end. So if you want to see the prettiest woman on campus, you should go to the museum as early as possible. Otherwise, as the night approaches you will be in hell, it sounds.

After social media outrage, the Ocat Museum in Shanghai announced that it had removed the artwork. After the criticism, we reexamined the content of this artwork and the artist’s explanations. We have decided that it is female unfriendly, and that there is also copyright issues, it sounds.