M.Video will distribute a new batch of PS5 via newsletter

Representatives of the M. Videoโ€”Eldorado United Network told the DTF portal about the arrival of a new large batch of PlayStation 5 in Russia. However, due to the increased demand, consoles will be distributed according to a new principle โ€” by mailing to potential customers.

Among the latter are customers with old and verified registration on thematic sites. Also, the lists will include users who previously purchased accessories for the PS5, but not the console itself.

At the same time, dealers are planned to be excluded from this scheme, focusing on certain features that have not been announced. At the same time, you cannot purchase PS5 without additional items โ€” you need to buy a bundle with an accessory, a game or a PS Plus subscription.

The minimum cost of sets: PlayStation 5 Digital Edition โ€” 49,297 rubles PlayStation 5 โ€” 56,979 rubles. Emails will begin to arrive in late November and early December โ€” if the console is not redeemed quickly, the offer will go to another potential customer.

You can pick up the PS5 from the desired redemption point only for a certain period by presenting the code at the checkout. More on Gambling The Vampires of the Middle Lane series will receive a New Years episode In the second season passage of The Witcher Geralt faced a huge centipede of the Player banned in Forza Horizon 5 for 8000 years for art with girls on cars.