MVV: ‘There were no racist choruses during duel with Cambuur’

MVV contradicts, after its own investigation, that last Saturday there was talk of racist choruses during the soccer game with SC Cambuur in the Kitchen Champion Division. Especially Cambuur attacker Issa Kallon is said to have been racist in Maastricht.

The KNVB has already started an investigation into the events in South Limburg, but the outcome is still a while away. That did not prevent MVV from bringing its own findings to the attention of the public.

Camera images

The club confirms that camera footage shows a supporter shouting something at Kallon. “Whether these are racist remarks, which the footballer speaks of, cannot be observed by these cameras – which hang in the ridge of the stadium -” can be read on the MVV website.

Something else has become clear to the club. “The media were talking about MVV supporters choirs. This is pertinently incorrect. These choruses were not there and were not seen by anyone.”