My coronabuddy & I: ‘I have a girlfriend for life! ‘

Corona has taken a lot, but has also produced beautiful things. Connection is a good example of that. In the section My Coronamate & I tell readers about their support and support in these difficult times.

Name: Ananda de Jager (27), a Dutch Coronamaatje in Brussels

: Catherine Baggio (29)

โ€œDuring the first full lockdown in Brussels I took a walk and met my colleague Cat. I was surprised; did she really live this close? I suggested that you get some takeaway coffee and take a walk. After all, I was far from family and we had done some projects together every now and then.

I found the lockdown mentally very heavy, I was still recovering from my eating disorder, I was far from family, all control was gone. Walking with Catherine brought everything into perspective. She has such a fine natural energy that makes you very happy and calm. She‘s a beautiful person. By walking I felt less’ locked ‘inside and by doing it together with someone, I could talk about everything and everything.

It’s made a world of difference. Catherine has helped me so many times, is my hug contact, and we have laughed so much, cried. Without her, all the lockdowns would have been a lot harder and lonelier. We often wonder why we have not become girlfriends before, everything is right and we have so many similarities. It‘s nice to realize the enormous support we were and are for each other. We are still mega happy to see each other and walk.

It taught me that you don’t have to go far away to meet certain people and friendships; sometimes they‘re closer than you think. And also that no matter how long you know someone, if the circumstances change, something like a friendship can arise.

Catherine is open, loving, quiet, bringing things into perspective. She is everything you could wish for in a coronamate and girlfriend: she offers a listening ear, she sees through you when things go hard and she’s always in for fun or crazy moments. I have a friend for life!โ€

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