My daughter (16) kissed the gym teacher (26)

In Lieve Sabine we discuss conspicuous, fun, difficult and sometimes painful problems every week. This time a woman-reader whos worried about her underage daughter kissing the gym teacher.

Dear Sabine, here is a mother who is very happy that the lockdown is going on for a while. I would rather see my daughter (16) at home than at school. Shes madly in love with the 26-year-old gym teacher, and if Im to believe her, they even kissed last August. One time happy, because hes broken it down to the grief of my girl. Im happy about it, of course, because I think shes really too young for this kind of grown-up frills. But I dont like it. Do I have to inform the school management? Isnt it weird that a kid like this is getting involved with sixteen fishes? What should I do?

Sabine: โ€œA minor must always be protected from adults with sexual intent. Lets put that first. By law, sex with someone under the age of 16 is punishable if there is, for example, coercion, blackmail, a large age difference or a dependency relationship. Like between teacher and student. In this case, I personally find it difficult to advise you. My own maternal instinct says Id like to talk to that gym teacher before I go to school management. Because what do you think about 26 years old when a 16-year-old teenager wants to kiss you? At least thats special! Youre not going into that. No matter how sexy a teenager behaves.

Last Friday we submitted your question to the readers our WOMAN Facebook page. Here are a few of the reactions: Nona Tolol from The Hague also recommends that you speak with the teacher first. Depending on the conversation you only call the emergency services, trauma helicopter, funeral director or school management. Always useful if they are informed in time to post a vacant vacancy for gym teacher, should it be necessary. Chantal de Wert goes one step further: Isnt it your daughters fantasy? After all, shes in love. Would the gym teacher ask how the fork is in the stem…โ€

โ€œ This cannot and cannot be. โ€œ

But others see it differently. Thats how Dee Founder really doesnt think this is possible. โ€œIts a little weird that this is asked Even weirder that people dont mind this. How many teenage girls are abused by a teacher or trainer! Nancy Nadira Tanis from Amsterdam certainly knows what she would do. Apart from the age difference, this can not and should not. Informing school management, hell definitely lose his job. Do!

Annemie Vaessen from Stein enumerates it quite clearly. I would be terrified if my daughter arrived with this statement and would address the teacher directly, personally. If this story is true, I advised him to look out for another job, so he wont get any crap out of it. If it turns out to be true love, theyll thank me, if its abuse, Ill have my daughter safe right. And with the latter option, of course, the school will be informed.

I hope you have received your answer and wish you good luck!โ€

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