My Friend Peppa Pig overtook the new Call of Duty, Battlefield and GTA combined by rating

Released at the end of October, My Friend Peppa Pig attracted the attention of many players just as a reason to laugh about the true game of the year and the masterpiece we‘ve been waiting for. the game in the Peppa Pig universe, as the media noticed, has a reason to be proud of itself – its user rating on Metacritic is higher than Call of Duty: Vanguard, Battlefield 2042 and the updated GTA trilogy. Combined.

Peppa has the highest number of player reviews on PC — and there the game has 8. 8 points.

Shooters on the same platform have 3. 7 and 2.

3 points, respectively, and Rockstar game remasters received 0. 5 points (on PS4 and Xbox One, all projects have slightly different ratings, and yet in total they do not reach even 8) .

But, of course, the current situation is not so much the merit of My Friend Peppa Pig, as the result of players’ dissatisfaction with large and expected releases. some called the failure of the year, so Rockstar even had to apologize, Call of Duty: Vanguard was targeted, among other things, due to the Activision Blizzard scandal, and Battlefield 2042 scolding for optimization, creative solutions, behavior of technology, servers, bugs and other problemsMore on Gamer Gamer discovers the world of farming in the release trailer Farming Simulator 22 League of Legends Arcane animated series settled on the 14th position of IMDB media: Bobby Cat admits the possibility of leaving Activision Blizzard.