“My mother was sleeping with my friend when I had to give birth.”

British Jess Aldridge thundered in late January with a huge blow from her pink cloud after the birth of her son Reuben, when she came home to discover that her boyfriend had run away… with her mother.

The 29-year-old Ryan Shelton and his 24-year-old friend Jess Aldridge had moved into the spacious residence with her mother Georgina and father Eric during her pregnancy, so that the grandparents could assist them in coronatijden. What Jess couldn‘t know was that Georgina (44) started flirting with Ryan within a few weeks.

That soon resulted in a sneaky relationship. The fact that Georgina was a bit tired of Eric after twelve years of marriage was already known to Jess, but she didn’t expect her mother to put her claws in her boyfriend.

It‘s the ultimate betrayal, says Jess to The Sun. You expect Grandma to fall in love with the baby and not with the father. She was supposed to be able to assist us in the care of the children, but instead she took off with my guy!

Shortly after the birth of Reuben, who was born with a Caesarean section, Ryan told the mother of his two children by text message to end the three-year relationship. When Jess came home, her ex-boyfriend and her mother ran off together, leaving her with Reuben and his two-year-old sister Georgiana. Ryan and his new flame have moved into another house 50 miles away.

Faced with her shameless behavior, Jess’s mother could say nothing but: We have no control who we fall in love with. Jess is back in the two-room apartment where she once lived with Ryan.