Myanmar Military Government: Protesters can be sentenced to 20 years in prison

Protesters who obstruct the Myanmar army could be sentenced to 20 years in prison. The Junta of Myanmar, who took power in the country two weeks ago, drew up a new law for this. Protesters who show โ€œhatred or contemptโ€ for the coup armies can also face a hefty imprisonment or a high fine. According to the army, this is โ€œwords, spoken or written, or by means of imagesโ€.

Today, thousands of Myanmar people went to the streets to demand the release of Aung San Suu Kyi. The politician, together with other members of the civil government, was arrested at the coup in early February. Shell be in jail for at least two more days and then shell be tried, as her lawyer said today. The charges against her include the possession of illegal means of communication; her security had walkie-talkies.

Rubber bullets

Suu Kyis party won the elections with a huge absolute majority at the end of last year. However, an army affiliated party lost seats. The army claimed that there was fraud. Just before the new parliament was to be sworn in, the army committed a coup dรฉtat.

The army is trying to stifle the resistance against that coup in the bud. In the countrys largest city, Yangon, today for the first time since the coup, armored leather vehicles were on the streets. In other cities, the police shot with rubber bullets. Student protests in the capital Naypyidaw arrested dozens of demonstrators. In several places, protesters threw stones at the police.

Students in Myanmar went back to the streets: