Mysterious Abandoned App Release Report Completed

The PS Store was due to release the mystery game Abandoned, which is linked to Hideo Kojima and Silent Hill, but was moved to August after the report ended. The Blue Box Game Studios app was supposedly designed to watch trailers, though why the authors went to such complexities is not clear. A decision like this has once again pushed netizens to create new theories.

At the same time, the horror authors launched the app‘s release report in advance, wrapping up more puzzles among the audience. The project itself has been developed since 2017, and its concept has been changed several times.

As a result, there were some noises after the report ended, and later studio head Hassan Kahraman reported moving the app to August due to technical issues as well added that then the authors plan to introduce a full-fledged video of Abandoned. An update from Hasan: pic.

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