Myth of Empires military sandbox goes to Early Access on November 18

Chinese studio Angela Game, known for Iron Conflict, has announced the premiere date of the online sandbox Myth of Empires. The game will be released on Steam Early Access on November 18, PvP and PvE servers will be available in Asia, North America, and Europe. Players will enter a ruthless world torn by war, populated by bandits, wild animals and hostile players.

We are waiting for the collection of resources, the construction of a fort, tactical battles with opponents, the creation of weapons and armor, hunting and the construction of siege weapons. The game will take place in the snowy mountains, deserts, swamps, caves and other biomes.

Conditions will be constantly changing due to the new weather system. Recruited NPCs will be able to help hunt, fight, and gather resources.

Thanks to the guild system, players will be able to unite to repel enemy attacks or conquer new territories. Improved voice chat will help you communicate.

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