MythBusters gameplay: The Game revealed in new trailer

Studio Byte Barrel, supported by publishing houses Movie Games and PlayWay, is working on the game under license from the Discovery Channel. We are offered to become Legend Destroyers and check out the craziest theorys. During gamescom 2021, the creators unveiled a new MythBusters: The Game trailer, which showed snippets of gameplay.

In particular, we can see a workshop where we have to prepare field tests and risky experiments, including with granatames. All of our surveys and experiments we will be videotaping, and in the finale of each episode, use the video editor so that the story of verifying another myth gets as many views as possible.

And in the process, you will have to measure your appetites with your budget: the experiment must be enough of all materials and instruments. MythBusters: The Game โ€” Crazy Experiments Simulator comes out on Steam in fourth quarter 2021.

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