Mythic Quest returns: Season two kicks off on May 7

Ubisoft announced that the series inspired and created by it โ€œMythical Quest: Feast of the Crowโ€ will soon be with us again. The second season of the series will begin showing on Apple TV+ from May 7. In the meantime, the company released a small teaser.

Ian Grimm and his team with honor coped with the release of Raven‘s Banquet supplement to its online role-playing game Mythic Quest. And now it’s time to start working on the next addition.

The problem is that no one has yet to imagine what it should be. In the second season we are waiting for a new meeting with all the characters you love.

And according to the first frames it is clear that they will be subjected to severe tests. And the coming addition to the fictional game may be called Sea of Nails โ€” and probably this name will become a new subtitle of Mythic Quest.

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