NAC reaches takeover agreement: ‘Club becomes boss in house again’

The takeover of NAC Breda is agreed. Shareholders of the club have reached an agreement with the investor collective NAC=Breda, a group of local investors. The Supervisory Board has approved the transfer.
‘Takeover NAC agreed, club becomes boss in house again’, writes the Breda club on the club site. NAC threatened to fall into foreign hands, but the following was strongly opposed to that. With NaC=Breda, the club DNA remains in place. โ€œWe are incredibly proud and happy that this step has been taken,โ€ Jasper van Eck responds on behalf of the investor collective. โ€œOver the past few weeks, we have found each other in a fantastic way from one thought: helping our club. Not out of financial interest, but out of club love.โ€
โ€œWe offer NAC a sustainable future, the club will be home again,โ€ he continues. โ€œWe as investors are disappearing into the background and paving the way for a new, autonomous club leadership that will put football above all else.โ€ The shares are housed in a foundation, which means that investors do not have control over the football aspect.
โ€œIn this way, NAC will have a structure like clubs such as AZ and PSV that have had for years,โ€ says Sebastian Verkuilen on behalf of the collective. โ€œOver the past few weeks, we have been extensively informed by the best specialists in professional football, and are convinced that this way NAC can become a stable and manageable club, with short lines and separate powers.โ€