NAC responds to Steijns Ibiza trip: To postpone was no longer possible

NAC Breda regrets the arisen fuss about the trip to Ibiza by trainer Maurice Steijn. The practice master has to handle business things on the Spanish island and could not postpone it until after the season.
As a result of the home defeat against Excelsior (1-2) last weekend direct promotion to the Eredivisie, NAC is now preparing to participate in the playoffs. Next Monday the NEC will meet in a first exam, but a large part of the preparation for that competition will take place without Steijn. He‘s in Ibiza to handle business and won’t travel back until Thursday. According to government rules, the trainer has to be quarantined.
The club knew about this trip and responds to the situation in front of supporters group B-Side Rats. โ€œThe club regrets the fuss that has arisen,โ€ says a spokesman. โ€œNAC wants to emphasise once again that everyone within the club will do everything they can to achieve promotion.โ€
Steijn did not have the opportunity to travel to Ibiza sooner or later. โ€œThere were still some business and private obligations open that needed to be dealt with. These have always been advanced, but they have to be dealt with now. Maurice has made every effort to postpone this meeting until after the competition, but for various reasons further postponement was no longer possible. In addition, he had the obligation to be present in person.โ€
The practice master of the Hague does not seem to be complying with the quarantine obligation. โ€œOf course, the workouts will continue this week. Edwin de Graaf would be leading the trainings this week, in connection with his course at the KNVB. The staff has frequent daily contact with each other and exercises and training forms are prepared in detail together, as well as now, with Steijn. The tactical training sessions, later in the week, are of course led by Steijn.โ€