NAC responds, trainer Steijn still in quarantine: ‘Out of respect for everyone’

Maurice Steijn is still in home quarantine after his business trip to Ibiza last week. The NAC Breda trainer would initially be in front of the group during the match against NEC next Monday, but the club and trainer will come back to this.
NAC announces this through the official channels. Steijn goes into home quarantine for five days and therefore misses the game against NEC. On closer inspection, the club leadership has decided to follow the rules on travel within Europe and the corresponding quarantine advice, says NAC on the club website. โ€œDespite the protocols followed and the strict regime within the club, the club has nevertheless decided not to be an exception to the rule.โ€
Managing Director Mattijs Manders explains the clubs decision further. โ€œWe have reconsidered our decision to let Maurice work in close contact with the group these days, despite a positive opinion from the authorities. We believe it is important to set a good example for others, out of respect for everyone. Of course, we do not want to create any health risk, however minimal. We thought it would be wise to strictly follow the formal line, but we still realized that this is the best decision.โ€
Hans Visser will be standing for the group during the last preparatory training sessions, as well as at the competition next Monday.

Maurice Steijn in Home QuarantineOn closer inspection, the club management decided to follow the rules on travel within Europe and the associated quarantine advice. Full message including notes from Mattijs Manders โžก๏ธ
โ€” NAC Breda ๐Ÿ’›๐Ÿ–ค (@NACnl) April 30, 2021