Nacon bought the authors of The Last Spell and the Dead in series, studio Ishtar Games

Nacon announced a new acquisition: it was joined by the studio Ishtar Games, formerly known as CCCP. She gained fame for the Dead in Bermuda and Dead in Vinland management survival series, and recently released a turn-based tactical role with elements of The Last Spell bagel. As part of Nacon Ishtar Games will retain its management and operate as part of the Ishtar publishing label created for โ€œindependentโ€ games.

Developers will continue to build their social village management simulator Lakeburg Legacies, but will also collaborate with other studios, including independent ones, to build a portfolio Indie game. After this purchase, Nacon has 14 video game teams: 9 in France, two in Canada, and one each in Belgium, Italy and Australia.

In total, they employ 600 employees, and another 70 are part of the publishing team. More on Gamemania Tencent Becomes Bloober Team‘s Biggest Shareholder Now With Fences: Timberborn Authors Release First eFootball 2022 Update We’ll Soon Lose: Getting Ready for Patch.