Nadirs turn-based role-playing game took out on Kickstarter

Last week, Shockwork Games studio, known for stealth tactics Alder‘s Blood, announced a squad role-playing game Nadir, the plot of which is based on Dante’s โ€œDivine Comedy. โ€ And now, as planned, the project took out on Kickstarter. The creators of Nadir for success need to collect about 36 thousand dollars.

If everything goes as intended, then in the third quarter the game will be released into early Steam access. The creators plan versions for all current platforms, but first of all – RS, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Recall that in Nadir players need to hold a squad of three avatars mortal sins throughout all circles of the hellish city. On each lap we will have a limited number of playing days before the level boss shows up.

The pressure of time will be felt in step-by-step fears. So far, the campaign moves without special sensations: only 6% of the required amount has been collected.

But six developers have 29 days in store. More at Igamania Award CD Projekt: $28 million to management, 29.

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