Nainggolan lashes out at Belgian press: Youre not out of football

Radja Nainggolan lashes out at the Belgian critics. The 34-year-old Belgian has received a lot of criticism since returning to Royal Antwerp FC, for not meeting the high expectations yet. According to the midfielder, the journalistic branch in Belgium lacks football knowledge.
Last summer, Nainggolan moved from Internazionale to Royal Antwerp. The Belgian ball conqueror was won as a major asset, but received a lot of criticism in the Belgian media last year.
In his own words, he does not do this too much, since he believes that the wrong aspects of the football field are being looked at in Belgium. โ€œYou are the ones who find statistics so all-important,โ€ says 34-year-old Belgian in conversation with Gazet van Antwerp. โ€œAnd those dots: a fiver if it wasnt good, a six if it was okay… You watch football differently than I do,โ€ says Nainggolan.
The Belgian midfielder highlights one specific statistic that shows that he has had a good season. โ€œLook, I gave twelve key passes in each game last year. You don
t even know what that is… โ€œ, Nainggolan responds. โ€œIll tell you: thats forwarding from defense to attack. Are we going to talk about that kind of thing? Youre not out of football,โ€ he concludes.