Naked Man Rin Stolen Police Car

A naked man has been busy with the Florida police. After he was running naked along the highway, he then stole a police car to drive it to shreds.

22-year-old Joshua Shenker was lying naked on the ground when cops arrived at the scene. When Shenker caught the cops in his sights, he ran across the road towards the police and then jumped into one of their cars and took off. How he got into the vehicle is unclear, ABC reports.

His flight didnt last long. Shenker got off the road by car and came to a standstill against a tree. The damage: about 10,000 dollars.

The man was taken to the hospital to be helped with his injuries. After that, Shenker was arrested for, among other things, the theft and endangerment of agents. Why he walked naked at all along the road is unclear.