Name of Strand Larsen falls at Feyenoord: I dont like it at all

The name of Jörgen Strand Larsen falls to Feyenoord, ESPN has learned. FC Groningen‘s striker is an alternative to Cyriel Dessers, who because of his price tag is not feasible for Rotterdammers.
During the halftime of the benefit match between Feyenoord and RKC Waalwijk, reporter Cristian Willaert, who has learned that Strand Larsen is named at Feyenoord, asks Hans Kraay Jr. whether it makes sense. “Oh, should we say that already?” , responds Kraay jr. “I don’
t think it‘s crazy at all. They have to pay four million euros for Dessers and that is a lot of money. If you score eleven times in a team that doesn’t play super offensive, then Feyenoord also makes you eighteen or nineteen there.”
In Belgian media, an amount of four million euros goes around for Dessers, who opted for a rental period last summer because he was not a first striker at KRC Genk. Dessers is still under contract in Belgium until the summer of 2024.