‘Nancy Reagan wanted to use clairvoyant for politics sweep under carpet. ‘

Former first lady Nancy Reagan has tried to wipe the use of a psychic under the carpet, reports Daily Mail based on claims in a new documentary. The Reagans docu would show that ex-President Ronald Reagan and his wife consulted an astrologer for practically all the major decisions of the White House.

This astrologer, Joan Quigley, would have advised Nancy Reagan on all sorts of things. For example, former first lady biographer Kitty Kelley says: “Nancy Reagan trusted Joan Quigley, she would call her eight times a day for almost anything: from incredible details to landing times for the Air Force One. Nobody knew about that at the time.” Negotiations on the Cold War and the timing of announcements would also have been the subject of discussion.

The public got wind of the cosmic advisor after Don Regon, a former staff chief, published his memoirs in 1988. In it he stated that the astrologer “determined practically every movement and decision of the Reagans.” It caused a real riot in the media at the time. Nancy Reagan would have done anything to cover it up. She would also have said to Quigley, “Lie if you have to, just lie. You cant say everything.”

The documentary will be broadcast on Sunday on the American channel Showtime.