Napoli President Considers No More African Players Through Africa Cup

Napoli no longer wants players to leave for the Africa Cup, says chairman Aurelio De Laurentiis. For that reason, he would consider not capturing African players anymore.
โ€œDont talk to me about African football players anymore,โ€ says De Laurentiis, chronicled by Italian media. โ€œI really love them. But from now on, they sign something where they refrain from playing in the Africa Cup, or they dont have to come here from me anymore. We are the idiots who continue to pay their salary while flying across the world to play football somewhere else. Those players will not be available.โ€ Clubs are required by FIFA to surrender players for global final tournaments.
Napoli was hit last year by players who had obligations around the Africa Cup. Key players such as Kalidou Koulibaly (Senegal) and Frank Zambo-Anguissa (Cameroon) left in the middle of the season to play the final tournament in their continent.
Koulibaly later spoke about the words that the chairman of his former employer uttered. โ€œThats entirely up to him,โ€ the Senegalese told a press conference. โ€œI respect how he thinks, just like I respect everyone else. But I dont think all the people at the club think that way. I know the supporters there and I know they really dont have those thoughts.โ€