NASA shares spectacular photo of landing Marsrover

The American space agency NASA shared a spectacular photograph of the Marsrover Perseverance landing. The cart landed on the red planet last night.

The image, which was cut from a video, was captured just before landing. The cart is still hanging from a flying crane, but the wheels almost hit the Mars surface.

The images were made using equipment in the so-called sky crane, which put the reconnaissance robot at the bottom of the planet. โ€œThis shot was taken by a camera on my jetpack, just before my wheels hit the ground,โ€ tweeted the NASA rovers account.

The cart itself also has recording equipment and sent the first black-and-white images last night shortly after landing. Today NASA shared more footage, including color photos of the surface of the planet. The Guardian writes The Guardian, the first direct color photos of Mars that were not digitally edited.

Due to the distance between Mars and Earth, the possibilities for transmitting images are limited. The images therefore come in very little. NASA expects to share short videos of landing soon as well.

Next week, more detailed photos will follow. First, the mast of the scout must be upright. There are big cameras in there. The antenna is positioned towards the earth for faster communication with NASA.

In addition, the scout will be prepared to actually drive in the next few days. Hes expected to be on the road in about two weeks.

Yesterday was an exciting moment for NASA; especially the seven minutes between entering the atmosphere and the actual landing of the rover. Thus, the parachute had to be folded open and the heat shield had to be thrown off.

Due to the enormous distance from Mars, the NASA team in California was unable to intervene manually during landing. Only more than eleven minutes after the successful landing in the crater Jezero, NASA received notice of this. The rover will have to collect soil samples from the crater in the coming years.

By the way, its not the first time NASA has put a rover on Mars: Spirit and Opportunity already preceded Perseverance. In addition, China and the United Arab Emirates are also engaged in a Martian mission.