National Council of Imams: Macron receives leaders of Islam in France

President Emmanuel Macron receives this Monday at noon the president of the French Council of Muslim Worship, Mohammed Moussaoui, to acclaim the draft and charter of the future National Council of Imams of France. While validating the text of the charter, three federations, however, refuse to oppose their signature: CCMTF, Milli Gorus and Faith and Practical.

The leaders of the French Council of Muslim Worship (CFCM) announced on Saturday 16 January that they had reached an agreement on a charter of principles of Islam of France wanted by the executive, which reaffirms in particular the equality of men and women and the compatibility of the Muslim faith with the Republic.

After a meeting on Saturday with the Minister of the Interior, in charge of worship, followed by that of the CFCM on Sunday, the text of the Charter of the Principles of Islam of France was validated by the federations.

The federations making up the CFCM, meeting this Sunday, January 17, 2021, in videoconference, examined the draft text of the Charter of Principles, presented by the President of the CFCM and its Vice-Presidents (…) and adopted a consensus text called Charter of Principles, which commits them jointly and severally, states the representative body of Islam in France.

The Charter reaffirms the compatibility of the Muslim faith with the principles of the Republic, including secularism, and the attachment of Muslims in France to their full citizenship; rejects the use of Islam for political purposes and the interference of States in the exercise of Muslim worship; recalls that the principle of equality before the law obliges every citizen whose Muslim of France to inscribe his or her experience within the framework of the laws of the Republic guaranteeing unity and cohesion of France, reaffirms the principle of equal human dignity from which equality between women and men, freedom of conscience and religion, attachment to reason and free will, the rejection of all forms of discrimination and hatred of the Other and recalls that acts hostile to Muslims in France and the symbols of their faith is the work of an extremist minority that cannot be confused either with the State or with the French people.

While validating the text of the charter, federations, CCMTF, Milli Gorus (Turks) and Faith and Practical, however refuse to oppose their signature.

The text of the charter will be signed by UMF, GMP, MF, RMF and FIACCA.