National Council of Imams: Rector of Paris Mosque returns to the table

After slamming the door with a crash and described his decision as irrevocable, the rector of the Paris Mosque returned to the table of negotiations around the future National Council of Imams. The president of the CFCM and the two vice-presidents met on Saturday 16 January with the Minister of the Interior to take stock of the CNI project and its charter.

The President of the French Council of Muslim Worship (CFCM), Mohammed Moussaoui and his vice-presidents, Chems-Eddine Hafiz and Ibrahim Alci, met this Saturday 16 January 2021 with the Minister of the Interior, Gérald Darmanin, to inform him of the progress of work on the Charter of Principles of Islam of France.

The text agreed between the three representatives was referred to

acquaintance with the Minister of the Interior, announced the president of the CFCM, Mohammed Moussaoui.

It contains, inter alia, the points of agreement: on the compatibility of the Muslim faith with the principles of

Republic, on the rejection of the instrumentalization of Islam for purposes

on the non-interference of States in the exercise of Muslim worship in France, on the principle of equality between men and women and on the rejection of certain customary practices allegedly Muslim.

This draft text will be submitted to all federations

composing the CFCM.

As soon as it is validated, a hearing with the President of the Republic will be requested for the official establishment of the National Council of Imams.