National Guard ate raw meat in Capitol, ‘got unusual instructions’

Soldiers of the National Guard fell ill during their service in the Capitol after eating meat that was almost completely raw. Also, metal particles were found in the food. Oranges were moldy. Meanwhile, the latest scandal is on the table. Major General William J. Walker explains that he was given unusual instructions in the run-up to January 6.

Monday, the riot around the food came to the surface thanks to whistleblowers. An anonymous sergeant of the Michigan National Guard argued that complaints have been filed several times by the military, which has been on guard in and around the Capitol since the storming. More than ten soldiers got sick.

“ Yesterday, for example, there were 74 meals with raw meat,” the sergeant told journalists. American media publish photos showing that the meat, except for a brown-coloured layer, is still completely red. “And soldiers also found metal chips in our food yesterday.”

The shame is on the Americans: the army is traditionally a beacon of pride, a model of supremacy in the world and defender of the people and the freedom of Americans. In the Capitol Storming, the enemy came from the inside. Even now, many Americans are fond of ‘their’ soldiers who throw a shield over the democratic institutions.

“ How sad to treat such beautiful people who defend America like this. “ridiculous”, it sounds on social media. “It‘s terrible. They’re keeping your asses safe there. They deserve respect.”

Light breakfast

In addition to bad food, too little is served. The soldiers would be hungry. An average breakfast is “maybe a coffee roll and some juice”, says the sergeant. Previously, an anonymous soldier complained to Detroit News that “several soldiers have fallen ill and vomit after eating.” “Morality is very low. Many of us have served abroad and cannot believe the quality of the food.”

The Michigan National Guard, of which about a thousand troops reside in the Capitol, immediately after the news said that it was “very disturbing” and “unacceptable”. The supplier will be contacted. Politicians of the House of Representatives demand that the caterer be put on watch.


Meanwhile, on Wednesday more will be known about the instructions given to the National Guard behind the scenes.

Major General William J. Walker testified in the Senate. On 1 January, he requested permission for the deployment of security forces. He received a reply on 5 January. For example, Walker was allowed to deploy 340 members of the Metropolitan Police Department, including 40 Quick Response members. However, a Quick Reaction Force (QRF), troops with helmets and shields familiar with work during demonstrations, was not allowed.


way of comparison, some 5,000 members of the National Guard have been stationed at the Capitol for months now.

In addition, for the deployment of the troops, Walker had to consult formally and ask his superiors in the White House for the course to be sailed. “I found that unusual.”

For example, the restrictions did not apply to the Black Lives Matter protests, Walker said.