National lawyer wants farmers who emit too much license

The national lawyer believes that the permits should be withdrawn from farmers who emit too much nitrogen near nature reserves. He writes that in an opinion to the Department of Agriculture, which has recognized the AD. The Ministry confirms to theCCeit that the advice is on the table, but stresses that there are other options and that no decision has been taken yet.

If a livestock farmer‘s licence is revoked, it must stop almost immediately. The measure goes beyond expropriation, for example, where it can take years for a company to be lifted. It is precisely because of the rapid result that the national lawyer thinks that better than other options, he writes in an opinion requested by the Ministry.

He argues that there is a need for urgent urgency, because in some places there is a need to reissue permits for the construction of houses and roads. โ€œIn my opinion, it is inescapable to make direct use of non-voluntary termination of peak tax ers,โ€ he writes according to the AD.

The ministry says it takes note of the advice. Last week it was announced that the Environment Planning Agency analysed two plans to expropriate or displacement farmers who do not voluntarily cooperate. The revocation of permits was also mentioned as a possibility. The Commissioner Schouten stressed at that time that this is possible and that this demissionary cabinet does not make any decisions.

This morning she said again that she regrets that all sorts of loose plans are leaking out. โ€œI really hate that this leads to a lot of turmoil at the peasant kitchen table. It’s not like ‘we’ll stop by to take your land and your farm‘. Absolutely not. That is now the image that comes up and I really hate that people are sad about it. You should expect me to be very careful with people. This is their life’s work.โ€

She reiterates that there is a problem with nitrogen emissions. โ€œThat‘s not just agriculture, but in a variety of sectors.โ€ She thinks it’s her job to investigate the possibilities for resolving that. For example, farmers are looking to see if they can move on in another place or if they can work in a different way. Expropriating farmers, or forcing them to stop in any other way, is the very last option as far as she is concerned.

Farmers angry

Agriculture and horticulture organisation LTO Nederland calls the withdrawal of permits of farmers โ€œoutrageousโ€ and wants to do everything possible with Dutch farmers to challenge this โ€œviolation of rightsโ€. โ€œIf there has ever been a reason to be united as a sector, demonstrating, lobbying or towards the public, it is now,โ€ says President Van der Tak.

At RTV Drenthe president Bruins of LTO Noord says it is unDutch โ€œto revoke lawfully obtained permitsโ€. He‘s โ€œhugely ferociousโ€ about the proposal. โ€œIt’s getting crazier.โ€