National SP suspends government department Rotterdam

The national SP has suspended the board of the Rotterdam department. This can lead to the SP in Rotterdam not participating in the municipal elections in March.

The step of the party board revolves around the long-standing conflict between party leadership and a group of radical young people. Previously, the party retired dozens of members because they are also members of the former youth branch Red and/or the Marxist Forum.

According to the SP, membership in Red or the Marxist Forum is contrary to the articles of association, because SP members of only one political party are allowed to be members. The rotated members do not consider the groups as separate parties and the Rotterdam department has put three members on the candidate list anyway.

Rotterdam does not adhere to party democracy

The national administration does not accept that: โ€œA candidate list of the SP can only include people who are members of our partyโ€. According to the party summit, Rotterdam does not adhere to democracy in the party and that is why last night the board saw no other option but to suspend the board of that local department. With the current list of candidates, the SP in Rotterdam cannot participate in the municipal elections, says the national administration.

The national SP says it will do everything it can to take part in March. A committee of good services must make proposals to get out of the deadlock. The SP in Rotterdam now has two seats in the city council and is considered the cradle of the party, because founder Daan Monjรฉ, pipe fitter in the port of Rotterdam, came away. There is a similar conflict in Utrecht.

โ€œNext Boomโ€

The Rotterdam department of the SP calls the suspension โ€œa next boom in a long-running conflict over the party courseโ€. The department is now looking at what needs to be done.

Department President Hardam finds it sad that it had to come to this: โ€œWe have a great list of candidates for the upcoming municipal elections, but that is being pushed aside by these measures.โ€

Chairman of the Group Van Zevenbergen says that he will talk to the departments board and the group โ€œto find a way forwardโ€. According to him, Rotterdammers โ€œdo not want an SP that is broken down by the national party, because they continue to give support to critical membersโ€.