Nationality of Swiss-born De Jong Delayed Barcelona Deal

Luuk de Jong completed a historic Deadline Day transfer to FC Barcelona in the night of Tuesday to Wednesday, but his manager Louis Laros has unnerving hours. The deal could only be made world-class at midnight.
According to the Algemeen Dagblad, De Jong signed his signature at 23.54, after which Barรงa passed the administration to the Spanish Union five minutes later โ€” one minute before the deadline. However, it said that the 31-year-old striker was born in the Netherlands, while he was born in Aigle, Switzerland. โ€œSuch a formality then needs to be looked at and discussed,โ€ Laros said to the AD. โ€œFortunately it has come well, but that‘s why it took so long.โ€
The deal wasn’
t until De Jong was asleep and Laros was finally able to breathe relieved. โ€œThe stress of such an evening, pfff… that‘s really not fun,โ€ says the experience expert. โ€œI’ve broken the record of ‘last last minute transfer’ twice internationally with Ricky van Wolfswinkel (the current FC Twente striker moved from Norwich City to Real Betis on August 31, 2015).โ€
De Jong has received a back number from FC Barcelona. Where country and namesake Frenkie de Jong retains his trusted number 21, the number 17 striker will play on the back.