NATO starts big exercise in Georgia, annoyance in Russia

In Georgia, NATO started a large-scale military exercise. Some 2,800 soldiers from, among others, the United States, the United Kingdom and Georgia participate in the eleven-day exercise. The Netherlands is not taking part

Russia responded with annoyance to the exercise in the neighbouring country. For example, the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs disagrees with Georgia’s reading that the exercise contributes to stability in the region.

Georgia, to Moscow’s dismay, has been wanting to become a full member of NATO for some time now.

Invasion in Georgia

Relations between Georgia and Russia are still poor, just over twelve years after the short war in Georgia. Russia invaded the country after the Georgian army entered the renegade region of South Ossetia.

It was the first time that Russia waged war abroad under the de facto leadership of Putin, who was not President but Prime Minister at the time.

After the war, South Ossetia and the Abkhazia region separated from Georgia with Russia’s support. The vast majority of the international community still sees the region as Georgian.