NATO top man Stoltenberg on China: ‘No Cold War, But Challenges’

NATO needs to respond to Chinas economic, political and military rise. Secretary General Stoltenberg said that this morning at the start of the NATO summit in Brussels. โ€œWe know that China does not share our values and we need to respond to them together, as an alliance.โ€

Stoltenberg stressed that there is no โ€œnew Cold Warโ€ and that China is not an enemy or opponent, but that Chinas rise entails โ€œchallenges for our securityโ€. Among other things, the Secretary-General mentioned the cyber activity of the Chinese and their investments in modern weapons systems.

New Silk Road

The NATO top mans comments come shortly after the announcement of G7 countries to form a bloc against China together. This weekend, the seven major industrialized countries launched an initiative for a major infrastructure project in developing countries, where China is also very active with plans for a โ€œNew Silk Roadโ€.

So, at todays NATO summit, China promises to be an important theme. US President Biden, who has been arguing for a stronger policy against Beijing for a long time, is here for the first time. Many European colleagues think a little more nuanced about China because they have an interest in trading with the Asian country.


It is expected that the 30 NATO Member States are also discussing issues such as climate change and combating terror today. The โ€œRussian pattern of aggressive behaviorโ€ is also addressed.

Biden speaks to Russian President Putin in Geneva on Wednesday. According to Stoltenberg, NATO members will use todays summit to discuss that meeting.