Natural Instincts goes into early access July 1

Studio DreamStorm and publishing house Games Operators have confirmed they will release the Natural Instincts wildlife simulator into early Steam access on July 1. In the early version, we will be able to find and take care of five species of animals in one of the possible biomes: wild forest. In the environmental simulator Natural Instincts, players will have to monitor the natural balance .

Animals should be protected from dangers, help them cope with the presence of a person and suggest how best to behave in certain situations. However, the balance still remains in the first place.

And if some species are too dissolidified, then we have to decide to reduce their population by various methods: mainly this mission is taken by predators. Last year Natural Instincts successfully passed Kickstarter, completing a goal of more than 130%.

In the process, two additional targets were unlocked: the European forest and the Arctic. Other additional biomes are likely to add to the game if it is successful.

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