Navalny detained in penal colony, 100 kilometers east of Moscow

Russian opposition leader Aleksey Navalny has been transferred to a penal colony in the Vladimir region, about 100 kilometres east of Moscow. A representative of a committee defending the rights of Russian prisoners said that to the Russian press agency RIA.

The committee has access to the prisoners and cooperates with the Russian authorities. They had already confirmed on Friday that Navalny had left his prison in Moscow and had arrived in a penal colony, where he has to serve a sentence of 2.5 years. Until today, it was not known which penal colony he is in, even among his relatives.

Navalny must be quarantined in the penal colony for two weeks before he will be brought into contact with other prisoners.


Supporters of Navalny have suspended their protests until spring, as police forces in mass protests across the country have reportedly arrested 11,000 protesters.

Thousands of people came to Moscow yesterday to commemorate the murder of opposition leader Boris Nemtsov, who was shot to death in the vicinity of the Kremlin exactly six years ago. Followers put flowers on the bridge where Nemtsov was murdered. The police were not present in mass at the memorial and left the attendees untouched.