Navalny Employee Convicted Again: Freedom Restrictions for Spokesperson

In Russia, another employee of opposition leader Aleksey Navalny was convicted. Its about his spokesman, Kira Jarmysj. She has been imposed on freedom restrictions for the duration of one and a half years.

Jarmysh has been convicted of violating corona rules at a demonstration on January 23 in Moscow. That was a demonstration for the release of Navalny, which was arrested a week earlier after returning to Russia from abroad.

In demonstrations scattered across the country, thousands of protesters were arrested that day. Some of them, especially Navalny faithful, have been sued for violating the corona measures by calling people to the protests.

Navalnys brother

Jarmysh is now the fourth convicted, reports BBC Russia. Shes not allowed to participate in demonstrations for a year and a half. Nor can she leave the door at night. Previously, Navalnys brother Oleg and his closest employee Lyubov Sobol received similar punishments. Sobol moved abroad in early August.

In the run-up to next months parliamentary elections, more and more opponents of President Putin are being offside. Navalnys movement has been identified as extremist, and the opposition leader itself has been held for two and a half years this year because of violating his bail obligations.

Last August, Navalnys condition was critical, after being poisoned by the Russian secret service. Check out a timeline below with what happened next: