Navalny hands out photo from hospital: I can breathe on my own again

The Russian opposition leader Aleksey Navalny has shared a cheerful photo from the hospital in Berlin. He sits up in bed and is surrounded by family members. Navalni writes that he can breathe again without support.

“Hello, Navalny here, I miss you all”, writes the politician on Instagram. “Theres not much I can do, but yesterday I was able to breathe all day on my own.” The hospital had already let me know that the Kremlin critic was doing better, who could also leave his bed for short periods of time.

The well-known opponent of Russian President Vladimir Putin ended up in a Russian hospital in August. He had suddenly become very ill on board a domestic flight and was eventually taken to Germany for further treatment. There, researchers discovered that Navalny had been poisoned with novice nerve poison.