Navalny has arrived in penal colony

Russian opposition leader Aleksei Navalny has arrived in a penal colony to serve his 2.5 year sentence. The authorities confirmed this Friday. Navalni had left a prison in Moscow on Thursday.

The Russian authorities do not give lawyers and family information about where the prisoner is being taken until he has arrived there. However, Navalny‘s lawyer had still not received any information on this Friday.

Normal circumstances

According to the prison authorities, Navalny is in an average secure complex, where he is held under โ€œperfectly normal conditionsโ€ and, if desired, can work in a factory. There is no danger to his health, they emphasize, but he must remain isolated for the first two weeks because of coronavrius.

The 44-year-old Navalny is an important opponent and critic of the Kremlin and the billionaires around the administrative apparatus. He’s campaigning online against corruption and abuse of power. He also preys on the presidency. Navalny was sentenced to imprisonment for fraud in 2014 after a controversial trial, but was converted into a parole. However, he was alleged to have breached the conditions last year and was arrested after returning from Germany in January.

Russia has built distant prison complexes in the past, called penal colonies. There are over seven hundred of them.