NBA 2K21, Football Manager 2021, SW: Squadrons and others to come out in Xbox Game Pass

Microsoft said that sports simulator NBA 2K21 basketball will become part of Xbox Game Pass on Xbox Series and Xbox One. At the same time it is not very clear which version will receive subscription owners โ€” from consoles of the last generation or New. Network users assume that it is about the first option, which may be a disappointment for many, since it is significantly inferior to the fresh version of the project.

Judging by the description of the game in the article, we are talking about the version for Xbox One, which can be run on backwards compatibility. Update: There is a complete selection of games Except NBA 2K21, Xbox Game Pass users in March expect the following new items: Football Manager 2021 (PC and consoles) Star Wars: Squadrons (consoles) And in April, subscribers will be available NHL 21 for consoles.

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