NBC does not broadcast Golden Globes 2022

The American television station NBC will not broadcast the Golden Globes ceremony next year. The organisation behind the prizes for film and TV productions is under attack, because the organisation and its jury would not be sufficiently diverse and the relationship with film studios would be too close.

Last week, the ninety member organization agreed to a proposal to hire more black members. The number of members must double in a year and a half, and members can no longer accept promotional gifts.

Reforms of this magnitude need time, says NBC. Assuming that the plan is implemented, I hope we can broadcast the show again in 2023.

Netflix and Amazon

Famous actors have reported in recent days that they do not think the organizations reform plan is going far enough. Streaming services Netflix and Amazon want to temporarily discontinue the partnership.

This may result in any prize-winners not coming to the ceremony next year. At the ceremony this year, in February, ten awards went to a Netflix production.

NBC has been broadcasting the Golden Globes award since 1996. It is unclear whether another TV station wants to take over the ceremony in 2022.