Nearly 100 wounded agents in pro-Palestinian protests in Berlin

In the Berlin districts of Neukölln and Kreuzberg, 93 officers were injured in pro-Palestinian demonstrations on Saturday, reports the police in the German capital.

Nearly sixty people were arrested for disturbing order, violence, assault on policemen and the liberation of demonstrators who had been arrested. Another 150 people get a police report for less serious offenses.

The police were present with 900 men to manage the four demonstrations against Israels actions in Gaza in the districts with many inhabitants of Arab or Turkish origin.

It became violent when the police broke up a meeting where the coronar rules were not respected. Cops were shot with stones, bottles and fireworks, on which the police put in pepper spray.

Also elsewhere in Germany – and in other European countries – demonstrated against the air and artillery attacks that allow Israel to react to missile attacks, especially by Hamas in the Gaza Strip.