Nearly 13 million euros on Giro555, already given much aid to residents of Beirut

On Giro555 another 1.5 million euros was deposited last week for the inhabitants of Beirut. This brings the counter to almost 13 million euros. The first money has already been spent, say the Cooperating Relief Organizations (SHO), among other things on hygiene kits and cleaning up the debris in the Lebanese capital.

Getting the economy going

“We give people seal kits, for example. This allows residents to securely seal their doors and windows. In addition, children receive psychosocial help and educational packages so that, despite the many ruined schools, they can still learn”, says Marcel van der Steen, former CCeit correspondent, who is now reporting for the SHO from Beirut.

At an earlier stage, schools and health centres will receive reconstruction aid and drinking water facilities in the city will be restored. Money is also given to help the local economy get back on its feet. Employees of Giro555 are present in the area to see if the money is well spent.

According to Van der Steen, the inhabitants of Beirut are very impressed by the collection in the Netherlands. “They feel they’ve been seen.”

The Giro555 action runs until 31 October.