Nearly 30 deaths in northeast US due to storm

The storm that has plagued the northeastern United States has killed at least 29 people in the states of New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania. Hurricane Ida foothills that landed earlier in the southern state of Louisiana earlier in the week have led to exceptionally heavy precipitation, tornadoes and numerous floods and mudslides.

News channel NBC reports that fourteen people died in New Jersey and twelve in the city of New York, eleven of whom were trapped in the basement of their home. A state of emergency has been declared in both states. Three people lost their lives in a suburb of Philadelphia.

Record amounts of rainfall were measured in the center of New York city. Mayor Bill de Blasio called the storm weather and numerous floods in the city โ€œhistoric.โ€ Underground connections have also been flooded and trains and flights have failed due to waterlogging.

New York State Governor Kathy Hochul called for infrastructure improvement, which she believes the state is already investing heavily in. It called on insurers to withdraw claims on a prosperous basis.

President Joe Biden has now pledged support. He praised New Yorks โ€œheroicโ€ fire department for rescuing people from flooded subway stations.