Nearly half of Cyberpunk 2077 players became children of the streets

CD Projekt continues to share Cyberpunk 2077 stats, this time telling that 41% of players as Wees past chose โ€œChild of the Streetsโ€. In total, three backstories are available in the game: โ€œCorporatโ€ – the main character first works in the corporation โ€œNomadโ€ – the main character lives in the sunny the suburb of Knight City โ€œChild of the Streetsโ€ – the main character lives concepts and knows the streets of the city perfectly. How divided between the corporate and the nomad, is not reported.

In the survey of developers before the release, the leader was also the child of streets (37. 5%), while the nomad (33.

3%) and corporate (29. 2%) went after.

Previously, the studio revealed that the game spent 600 million hours, and 67% of people chose Panam. More on Gambling Sony will close the page for the return of Cyberpunk 2077 as early as June 18 Investors CD Projekt demand resignation of studio executives after the failure of Cyberpunk 2077 Duck gameplay Cyberpunk 2077 from 2013.